Dog Spay & Neuter

Did you know millions of pets need homes due to pet overpopulation? Spaying or neutering your dog is the best way to help curb this problem while providing significant health and behavioral benefits for your pet. San Angelo Veterinary Hospital in San Angelo, TX, performs this routine procedure frequently as part of preventative pet care. We are here to tell you about spay and neuter surgery and how it can help improve your dog’s quality of life.

Dog Spay & Neuter

Understanding Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spaying and neutering are routine surgical procedures that prevent unwanted pregnancies in dogs. These operations are also referred to as “fixing” your pet. Spaying involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus in female dogs, while neutering removes the testes in male dogs. Although spaying is more invasive than neutering, both procedures are safe for most dogs.

How Long Do the Procedures Take?

These procedures generally do not take long to perform and recover from. Neutering takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and spaying may only require 20 minutes. Spaying and neutering are outpatient procedures, meaning your dog does not need to stay overnight for monitoring. However, you need to let your dog rest and restrict its activities for a time to recover from the surgery.

What to Expect During Surgery

Our veterinary team will begin by evaluating your dog’s health and medical history before performing surgery. We do this to ensure your dog can undergo the operation safely. Once we determine your dog is ready for surgery, we will administer anesthesia to keep it calm and pain-free during the operation. We will also watch your dog’s vital signs to ensure safety. We then close the incision with sutures and monitor your dog until it wakes up from the anesthesia. You can then take your dog home the same day as the procedure.

What Benefits Do Spaying and Neutering Offer?

Besides preventing unwanted pregnancies, spaying or neutering your dog can provide several health and behavioral benefits. These benefits may include the following:

•             Less chance of roaming away from your home

•             No menstruation or heat cycles in female dogs

•             Eliminated risk of ovarian or testicular cancer

•             Lower risk of urinary tract infections and prostate problems

•             Calmer behavior in some dogs

Spay or Neuter Your Dog Today at San Angelo Veterinary Hospital

Spaying or neutering your dog prevents unwanted litters while providing significant health and behavioral benefits for your furry friend, so contact San Angelo Veterinary Hospital in San Angelo, TX, to spay or neuter your dog today. Call us and schedule an appointment at our animal hospital at (325) 653-3301 to ensure your dog lives a long, healthy life free from pregnancy scares.

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